The Health With Shannon school is focused on providing resources for individuals on their healing journey to reconnect to their body and innate wisdom

Courses include:

Feminine Vitality- an accredited 5 week course designed to help rebalance hormones and heal menstrual cycles

Healing 101- a course that uncovers root cause, foundational healing, and holistic support for most common symptoms and imbalances

Meet Shannon Dolan

A nutrition grad, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified health coach, personal trainer, and entrepreneur here to guide you on your health journey.

With a decade of experience I have seen people struggle with weight loss, negative body image, ad debilitating PMS, only to be left alone without answers as to WHY.

I have devoted my career to helping individuals find what their body needs so they can begin to:

  • Regain energy
  • Eliminate PMS and bloat
  • See results
  • and feel more like themselves.

I look forward to helping you uncover new levels of your health you have never seen before!

xo- Shannon Dolan