Women's health has been neglected for far too long...

Develop the tools to transform your health in 25 days or less!

Uncovering Female Power

Hey girl,

I see you, struggling to establish balance, suffering through your periods, confused about why you aren't seeing results...

I know that you're feeling tired, alone, and frustrated with this process.

I'm here for YOU

In this 5 weeks you will have the tools completely transform the way you view your body by unlocking the power it was born with!

Feminine Vitality is here to help you make informed decisions about your body, understand your menstrual cycle, and finally developing healthy periods that don't leave you dreading each month!

PLUS you will discover incredible aspects of the female body that often go unnoticed!

Imagine living in harmony with your hormones ...

You're in the right place if...

  • You have ever felt alone and misunderstood in your health journey

  • You are frustrated with your body,

  • You are stuck symptoms such as PMS, irregular periods, and bloat.

  • You feel burnt out, overly stressed, and struggle with libido

  • You are ready to transform your health, build community, and begin loving your body

Are you ready to unlock your feminine power...

Work with your body

Enhance feminine energy

Get the most out of your work day

See results in the gym

Decrease overwhelm and burnout

Feel like YOU again?

Then this is the solution for you...

A 5 week, self paced course designed with REAL women in mind

Develop Clarity
Develop Clarity

Establish clarity regarding what your body NEEDS, how it functions, and what to do to implement life changing strategies for improving your health!

Cultivate Community
Cultivate Community

You are not alone in this journey. Learn alongside other women struggling with similar symptoms and support one another through a private FB group.

PLUS enjoy exclusive live trainings from other women in various industries!

Long Term Results

Say bye to PMS, bloat, and energy dips! This isn't a quick fix solution. After completing this 5 week course you will be able to take this information and apply for long term results!

What women are saying...

What's inside:

6 value packed modules with audio recordings and visuals to understand women's health, hormones, menstrual cycles, and how to use it all to enhance your life

Access to a private FB group with a community of women supporting you along the way

A detailed blueprint to begin balancing your hormones and healing your cycles

3 Bonus group trainings with Shannon and 3 guest speaker sessions!

Additional resources and support to enhance your results!

The first 8 women to sign up get 2 1:1 sessions with me, including: an assessment review and personalized recommendations with supplement protocols

Real Women, Real Results...

Erika is an entrepreneur and Mom who went through the Feminine Vitality to help her balance hormones and feel more energized in her body! In 5 week she was able to accomplish just that!

The Curriculum:

What women are saying...

Meet Shannon Dolan...

I'm so excited your are here!

My name is Shannon Dolan. I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Graduate, and Personal Trainer with nearly a decade of experience in the health world.

My mission is to support women on their health journey. Why?

Because I've been there...

  • I've struggled majority of my life with painful periods that got in the way of me being able to experience life.

  • I was put on hormonal birth control for 12 years suppressing my body's natural rhythm and making matters worse.

  • I developed negative body image in my 20's, neglecting myself, over exercising, and obsessing over food.

It wasn't until I started connecting back to my true self (without hormonal birth control) and understanding my body that I was able to heal.

In this course you will get the support you've always needed, discover more about yourself then you ever have, and create relationships with women going through the same struggles as you.

I can't wait to see you inside!!

With love,

Shannon Dolan

This course is closed for enrollment.

What women are saying...

Once you enroll you will be added to a private FB group that fosters community and empowerment.